Restorative Care
Restorative Care

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Restorative Care

When it comes to your smile, beauty and function go hand in hand. Dr. Claude Daniels and his team of dental care professionals provide restorative treatments to help patients achieve optimal oral health. Call our Lithia Springs dental practice and schedule a consultation to determine a treatment that works best for you.

Committed to Improving Dental Health

With over 21 years of experience aiding patients by improving their dental health, Dr. Daniels knows a thing or two about restorations. Whether suffering from decay, damage, or missing teeth, our practice has the tools and expertise necessary to help you achieve a beautiful, long-lasting smile. Services offered at our practice include:

Bonding and fillings are necessary to repair chips, cracks, or cavities on teeth. When enamel has decayed but bacteria have not made its way to the dental pulp, a minor procedure to remove the decay and fill the space with a tooth-colored material maintains esthetics.

Crowns are the backbone of restorative dentistry, their sole purpose to rebuild the structure of teeth and preserve a natural appearance. We offer materials from highly durable metal to beautifully crafted porcelain.

Bridges replace a missing tooth or cover small gaps in the smile. This procedure utilizes two crowns placed over two neighboring teeth to secure the prosthetic bridge in place and restore the smile’s structure.

Full and partial dentures are appliances that fill up to an entire arch of teeth. This acrylic-based appliance can be used to complete the whole smile using dental material made to look like natural gums and teeth.

Root canal therapy is necessary to eliminate decay that has reached the inner pulp of a tooth. This procedure helps to preserve the root and maintain the health of the smile.

Extraction is necessary when decay has advanced too far for root canal therapy. This procedure may also be used to address impacted teeth, or those that have erupted improperly, such as wisdom teeth, and as a preliminary procedure to orthodontics.

Dental Implants work with traditional restorations and replace the teeth roots. This procedure stabilizes dentures, bridges, or crowns in place and improves the function of prosthetics.

Dr. Daniels conducts all the necessary restorative procedures and surgeries to keep all treatments in-house, making dental care most convenient for you.

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